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Weight Gain Diet/ Muscle Gain


Plans & Pricing

One Month
Three Month


"Are you tired of trying various tricks to gain some weight? You can surely gain some weight if you include some of the foods in your daily diet. This plan is best suited to someone who is looking to gain few Kgs of weight."

Program Details

  • This program starts with In Body Composition Analysis
  • In addition, nutritionist will understand your current Diet, Exercise, Sleeping pattern, your medical history and your health goal.
  • Based on above parameters, nutritionist will provide you with some tips on Diet and Lifestyle changes
  • You will get 100% customized diet plan as per your food preferences (Veg/ Non Veg) divided into 5-6 meals in a day
  • Diet plan will include multiple home-made food options which you can easliy find in the Supermarket
  • No Crash Diets, No Supplements & Pills
  • Based on what package you select, there would be regular consultations with Nutritionist every 10 days to monitor your progress and adjust Diet Plans accordingly.

Diet Plans

  • Easy-to-follow personalised meal plan consisting of Home based food easily available in supermarkets
  • No fancy foods,
  • No Crash Diet
  • No Supplements
  • No Pills
  • Meal Plans adjusted every 10 days based on the progress and feedback received from clients

Additional Benefits

  • WhatsApp Support on any clarifications required
  • Appointments as per your schedule
  • Healthy Eating PDF guides
  • Maintenance Diet Plan at the end of program.